The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group has been established in 1977 by Elie Akouri teacher and choreographer of the Lebanese Dabki dance in Australia.

Having migrated alone to this wonderful country full of dreams and opportunities, speaking little English then I found the language barrier very difficult to overcome. Although I was lucky to have secured a full time job.
I had neither family nor friends yet, and planning for the future was not as easy as anticipated.

Having studied and researched the Lebanese Traditional Folklore. I dedicated all m spare time and frustrations towards the production of my first Folkloric play,and the search for young Lebanese migrants sharing an interest in the Lebanese folklore.

Soon, I had a group of 24 boys and girls and my first production, ‘ A father’s mistake’ was staged in that same year 1973.

The play being an instant success had brought together hundreds of non English speaking Australian/Lebanese families who for the first time in Australia had seen a play in their own language which they understood. Response from the community has reflected an intense need amongst the Australian /Lebanese community.

Soon after, we where asked to stage other productions that were sponsored by different charitable associations, and asked to perform at public places for the Australian English speaking communities. There on I realised that there was an opportunity for us to assist many Lebanese non English speaking migrants to adjust to their new lives in Australia. And there by also promote a role model of the Lebanese in Australia, by sharing our exotic and colourful folklore with people of all age’s colours and cultures.

In 1977 the Cedars Of Lebanon Folkloric Group was formed. The group socialises in teaching the Lebanese folkloric Dabki dance to all ages and all cultures.

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